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Bracelet métacarpien

GripoFix is a metacarpal bracelet designed to compensate for a grip where the opposition of the thumb, necessary for the proper holding of a tool, is deficient. Only one hand is required to set it up. The bracelet is placed around the hand. The attachment system is of the buttonhole type.

The hole in the bracelets will allow you to insert the tool to be used (pen, cutlery, toothbrush, power toothbrush, hairbrush, hand shower, badminton racket...).

The advantage of the hole is also to have permanent ventilation in case of intensive use.

Sometimes help may be needed to insert the tool into the hole, as well as to remove it.

You can also combine this metacarpal strap with the Gripoballs to ensure a steady grip or to fill the palm hollow, making it easier to start gripping.


All these products can be cleaned after use in the dishwasher or washing machine (≤ 90°) and can be disinfected with alcohol-based products.



Gripoballs - PVC

Gripograms - Stainless steel aisi316L

GripoFix - black neoprene - white nbr - transparent PVC

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